Subradar against the current

Saturday, September 15, 2012 - 00:23

Article taken from 12/09/12

Falling revenue from record sales worries Norwegian musicians. Saxophonist Klaus Ellerhusen Holm takes matters into his own hands and launch the site

- We have seen that income disappears into different intermediaries, and that there is little left for the artists. Therefore we want to make an online store that gives artists much as possible in return, and this again can fund new recordings, says Klaus Ellerhusen Holm.

Under the radar
Today the website was launched in collaburation with the Ultima contemporary music festival. The new site will serve as a niche store for improvised music. offer downloads of albums and single tracks in CD quality or better. But the website will also include articles, photographs and film.

Initiator Klaus Holm is concerned that the new site must have a distinct profile. Sharpening the selection and making sure that all the content is related can be a way of survival for niche music in a stressful situation, Holm says. is however dependent on the artists themselves to actively promote and sell music their own music

- This is the best and easiest way to create new revenue from the sale of music in digital form. It is important that musicians and artists create their own solutions for selling music and take the initiative, he said.

Specific technology
Subradar will be operated as a "non profit" enterprise. Musician colleagues Erlend Slettevold and Jonas Hovden Sjøvaag has done the coding and web design for the website.

- The whole making of has been on voluntary basis. Income we receive will be put back into the website and will help promote and sell new music, says Holm.

According to Holm, the increase in revenue to musicians who sell their music at Subradar can be as much as 300 percent, compared with the solutions to some of today's services.

- A sale on I tunes will give the artist about 1 euro, at subradar you will earn 4-6 euro per album sold, he said.

Trying your luck in Japan
Initially, the labels +3Db, Conrad Sound, HUBRO and SOFA who have contracted with But Holm says that several international record companies will join the solution soon.

- I travel to Japan later this year and hope to sign new agreements there. We are also in contact with record labelels in Australia, Europe and Usa. Many of those involved have large networks. So the expansion plans are clear, he says.

- Isn’t there a risk that you'll miss out on new listeners, by focusing on such a narrow selection?

- No. The website is there for everyone, even if it is constructed for people who are already interested in this kind of music. 12/09/12
Embret Rognerød