Site opened

Wednesday, April 18, 2012 - 11:24

Finally a beta verson of is now out. is an independent online music store based in Oslo, Norway, focusing on improvised and experimental music from Norwegian and international labels. After having been frustrated for a long time about the lack of good ways to sell music online, we decided to do something about it. Subradar was founded in the spiring 2012 buy Klaus Ellerhusen Holm along with Jonas Hovden Sjøvaag and Erlend Slettevoll.

Covering expenses related to music production is maybe harder now than ever before. Subradar can offer about 2-300% more in return to bands compared to for example Itunes and Amazon. The service it completley free, but subradar charges between 15-20% of all sales. This is the minimum of what we need to keep the service running, and the aim is always to give the artists as much as possible in return.

The idea with subradar is to provide a high quality service for artists and bands where they can sell their music, and directly interact with musiclovers all over the world. Through blogs, both artists, labels, and the people at subradar can contribute to discussions and connect with new listeners.