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Monday, August 19, 2013 - 20:34

We've upgraded our site a bit, and the news of the day is implementing a content feed displaying all items in a random goodness on the front page. This pulls every bit of written information, such as news, articles, reviews, interviews and videos from our database, and presents them to you in a nice tiling grid with content spanning either one or two columns. You'll notice that our articles span two columns, as these are something that we are proud of and really like to show off.

We're closing in on our goal of becoming a site that provides useful information and topics of interest to the members of this small, but great, community of noise, improv, acoustic and minimalistic music and other niche genres, alongside selling music from our favourite artists and musicians. Please feel free to browse this site, and explore what we have to offer. There will be a steady stream of new content of all kinds from now on, so stay tuned and feel free!