Kairos, Evan Parker, Tokyo 1972 and guess who?

Saturday, August 23, 2014 - 16:31

We are thrilled to announce that subradar will be working with Austrian recordlabel, Kairos. Kairos is one of the definitive major labels for contemporary composed music. They have worked with more than 60 composers; names like Morton Feldman, Helmut Lachenmann, Giacinto Scelsi and Salvatore Sciarrino included. Among the recorded ensembles are Berliner Philharmoniker, Ensemble Modern and Ensemble Recherche, the lists goes on and on.. Needless to say that there will be some quality recordings becoming available at subradar this fall.

Subradar meets Evan Parker
Jonas from subradar took a flight to London to talk to Evan Parker, how that turned out you can see here. This is one of the only video interviews with one of the pivotal figures in the development of European free jazz and free improvisation. Feel free to share this video with others!

Teletopa, Tokyo 1972
This is a very special recording from Spitrec documenting one of Australia's pioneering electro-acoustic improvisation groups - Teletopa. Teletopa was founded in Sydney in late 1970 by composer David Ahern, Peter Evans and Roger Frampton. This is one of the few recordings of the group witch has now been brought back to life after sitting in a box for 42 years. Read more...
Guess Who?
We challenge you to guess which band we will present recordings from leater this fall?? The only hint we are going to give you are that they have been very influential, long lasting and popular with the audience. Send us your answer, and if you guess right we will send you our subradar t-shirt for free:)