Hello and happy new year!

Friday, January 25, 2013 - 15:05

We are starting 2013 with some special new releases and some excellent new labels. We just started working with Norwegian contemporary music label “Mere Records”and “Spekk” from Japan. We are also happy to present the new “Sheriffs of nothingness” release on Sofa, with online premiere at subradar today, 25.01.13.

In 2011 Rønnekleiv/Moe released the album “A summer’s night at the crooked forest” on SOFA. The London based music magazine WIRE wrote that the album is a technical tour de force. And a musical one, too, each track structured with composerly precision. On this sequel we meet an extraordinary duo with an almost telepatic interplay.

Recorded in the middle of the forest in a cabin with no electricity (the recording equipment was run on solar energy(!!). With titles such as “You are walking on a sleeping summer”, “Peismusikk” (norwegian for fire place music) and “Blizzard” one can maybe imagine under what circumstances this session took place.

The norwegian newspaper Bergens Tidende ended their review of the previous record with writing that they were looking forward to the next adventures with “the Sheriffs”.
Here they are.