Gaffer records, new label on subradar

Thursday, November 1, 2012 - 10:09

We are very happy to say that Gaffer records just recently joined subradar in addition to Clean Feed and their new improv label Shhpuma.

Gaffer records started in 2004, created by Sheik Anorak, the label was then hardcore and punk oriented. Eventually the artistic direction slowly changed and Gaffer Records is now one of the most influential improv/experimental music labels in Europe. The French label has a catalouge of 36 releases produced over the last 5 years with artists like Moha, The Pitch, Talibam, Mats Gustavsson and Norwegian Akode, so needless to say this is a label that puts out a lot of good music!

Klaus Ellerhusen Holm 01.11.12