James Plotkin "Kurtlanmak/Damascus" reissue URCD001/UR-022
Lasse Marhaug "Spaghetti Western Rainbow" reissue URCD002/UR-001
Shawn Greenlee "Nysa" URCD003
The Vulture Club "Live Young, Die Fast and Leave an Exquisite Corpse" URCD004
Half Makeshift "Aphotic Leech URCD005
The Skull Defekts "The Sound of Defekt Skulls and Intense Cranium Contact
Feedbacking Gothenburg and Chicago)" URCD006/Arc 1
Daniel Menche "Wolf's Milk" URCD007/Arc 2
Knell "Last Ten Meters" URCD008/Arc 3
James Plotkin "Indirmek" URCD009/Arc 4
Joshua Convey "Vacant Integument" URCD010/Arc 5
Zaïmph "La Nuit Electrique" URCD011/Arc 6
Sachiko "Kunado" URCD012/Arc 7
Suzuki Junzo "Pieces for Hidden Circles" URCD013/Arc 8
Tabata Mitsuru "Lumrapideco" URCD014/Arc 9
Skullflower "Desire for a Holy War" URCD015/URSK 1
Heavensore "Asmodai" URCD016/URSK 2
Runhild Gammelsæter "Amplicon" URCD017/URSK 3
The Stargazer's Assistant "Shivers and Voids" URCD018/URSK 4
Klangmutationen "Schwarzhagel" URCD019/URSK 5
RST "Tomorrow's Void" URCD020/URSK 6
Final "Dead Air" URCD021/URSK 7
Aluk Todolo "Finsternis" URCD022/URSK 8
Blood Fountains "Floods" URCD023/URSK 9
Nadja "Trembled" URCD024
Nadja "Trembled" European Edition URCD024
Sum of R URCD025
Calcination URCD026
Guillaume Gargaud "She" URCD027
VagusNerve "Lo Pan" URCD028/Shokyo Ontei 1
Hasegawa-Shizuo "Lift" URCD029/Shokyo Ontei 2
Arcn Templ "Emanations of a New World" URCD030/Shokyo Ontei 3
Aural Fit "Mubomuso" URCD031/Shokyo Ontei 4
Tetragrammaton "Point of Convergence" URCD032/Shokyo Ontei 5
Sachiko "Anro" URCD033/Shokyo Ontei 6
Masayoshi Urabe "Kampanerura" URCD034/Shokyo Ontei 7
Gog "Mist from the Random More" URCD037
Olivier Dumont "Living in Holes and Disused Shafts" URCD038
Horseback "The Invisible Mountain" URCD039
Ural Umbo URCD040
Architeuthis Rex "Dark as the Sea" URCD041
Lasse Marhaug "Beauty Without Mercy" URCD042/PROMO
Ural Umbo "Latent Defects" URCS043
The Skull Defekts/The Sons of God "Received in Studio Dental, Gothenburg" URCD044
RM74 "Reflex" URCD045
Locrian "Drenched Lands" UR8X046
M. Bassett/J. Gräf "Peradam" URCD047
White Static Demon "Apparitions" URCD048
White Static Demon "Decayed" URCS049
RST "The Sunset Limited" URCD050
The Human Quena Orchestra "A Natural History of Failure" URCD051
Rahmane "Islands of Pathos" URCS052
Gog "Heavy Fierce Brightness: Spells of the Sun" URCD053
Daniel Menche "Terre Paroxysm" URCD054
Mamiffer/House of Low Culture split URCD055
Locrian "The Crystal World" URCD056/057
Locrian "The Crystal World" URLP056
Ithi "The Persistence of Meaning" URCD058
Graves and Orchestra Pits URCD059
Surface of the Earth URCD060
Oikos "Ecotono" URCD061
Architeuthis Rex "Urania" URCD062
William Fowler Collins/Gog "Malpais" URCD063
Sky Burial "Aegri Somnia" URCD064
Adrian Aniol "It All Falls Apart" URCS065
Horseback/Locrian "New Dominions" UPLP066
Owwl "Dark Places" URCD067
Suzuki Junzo "Ode to a Blue Ghost" URCD068
Locrian/Mamiffer "Bless Them That Curse You" Sige013/URLP069
Ural Umbo "Delusion of Hope" URLP070
Philippe Petit "Una Symphonia Della Paura" URCD071
Mats Gustafsson "Bengt" URLP072
Frank Rosaly "Centering and Displacement" URLP074