Quasi pop

Quasi Pop label was founded in 2001 in Kiev, Ulkraine by soundproducer and recordist Edward Sol and since then it has established itself as one of the most active and interesting independent labels on post-Soviet territories.

During first four years I've released lots of outstanding Ukrainian underground music (Peel Off The Bass, Langsames Steuer, Biblioteka Prospero, Nekraina etc.) in CD-R format. The very first proper CD was produced at the end of 2005 and now I've dedicate my work mostly to release experimental and electroacoustic music, but also contemporary folk, free-jazz and lo-fi pop as well.

I'm working closely with audio-artists from different countries, such as Lasse Marhaug (Norway), TV Pow (USA), Masami Akita (Japan), Andreas Brandal (Norway), Jorgen Knudsen (Norway), Naoki Ishida (Japan), Black To Comm (Germany), Aidan Baker (Canada), Francisco Lopez (Spain-Canada), Olivier Lamm (France), Cisfinitum (Russia), Gert-Jan Prins (the Netherlands), Rapoon (UK), Heimir Bjorgulfsson (Iceland-USA), Steve Roden (USA) and many others.

Quasi Pop is not-funded by any financial nor cultural forces independent label and only depends from investments of mine.

Quasi Pop team gives our love and respect to all who are interested not only in great music & nice design, but who also worriies about problems of ecology, animals rights and protecting of environment.

We are grateful very much for your interest to our ideology and music we are producing!