Discordian Records

Discordian Records started in 2011 as a Net Label for independent music with its own recording facilities in Barcelona, Spain. It was created by El Pricto, as a way to promote interchange between musicians dedicated to the search of new, adventurous and strange forms of expression. It later developed into an artistic/documentary record of a community of musicians that lives and plays improvised music regularly in town. As a record label they offer musicians the opportunity to record, mix and master their music.

“At Discordian we want to create and expand the magic of unconventional music and sound experiments. Our commitment is to music, willing to discover new composers and improvisers. That is why each month we invite different musicians to record composed and improvised music. Our main objective is to help create an active Avant-Garde musical scene in Barcelona where musicians can meet each other, share and cooperate in different projects”.

Discordian Records is managed by El Pricto and Ralph Lopinski.