Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions. Below is a list of topics, please browse through them if you encounter problems.
If you are logged in you can ask us a question using the form at the bottom of this page.

How do I create an account?

1) Click 'log in'
2) Click 'Create new account'
3) Enter details, complete captcha-verification and click 'create new account'
4) Wait for email to arrive, and click activation link

How do I buy?

To buy an album, simply click the 'buy'- button located either below the album cover, or in the right column (album view). This will put the album in your shopping cart. The content of the cart is updated as you add more albums, and you can see the content list and total amount in the top left corner of our site.

I've changed my mind. How do I remove an item from the cart?

1) In the shopping cart area, click 'view cart'
2) Click the 'remove' button for the product you wish to remove

How do I pay?

After adding albums to the cart, click on 'checkout' in the shopping cart.
1) Provide a little information (email address & optional username)
2) If you have a coupon, add this in the appropriate fields
3) Currently we only provide payment trough PayPal, so go ahead and click 'review order.' Then click 'submit order' if everything is to your satisfaction.
4) Follow the steps in the PayPal payment procedure.
5) After payment is complete, you will be redirected back to subradar.no.

Using download codes

To use a download code bought at a concert, obtained through sales of physical format or otherwise, navigate to our front page at Subradar.no
1) Enter your code in the 'redeem download code' box
2) Press enter, and you will be taken to the album applicable for download.
3) Enter your email address. This will be used for account registration enabling you to download and stream the album at a later date, if necessary.
4) After you've entered the email address, download links will be visible on the page.

How do I download the music I've purchased?

1) Log into the site using your username and password
2) Click on 'downloads' in the main menu. This page lists all your purchased music.
3) Under each format there will be a download link. Click on it to download the desired package

Access content for streaming

You can stream purchased albums directly from our site.
1) Log in to your account
2) Click downloads
3) Click on the album you wish to access

All the links in the tracklist will be full length versions. At the moment we're streaming in m4a-format (aac), so it won't eat up your bandwidth, but at the same time the audio quality will only be good, not great.

Help! The zip I've downloaded does not work!

If you get an error when trying to unpack the files, please make sure that the download has finished. You can access a list of downloads in various browsers by pressing the following commands:

option+shift+J (Chrome)
option+J (Firefox)
alt+option+L {Safari)

ctrl+J (Chrome)
ctrl+shift+Y (Firefox)

If your browser is not listed here, please use Google to figure this out.

1) If the download has not finished, simply wait for it to finish before trying to unpack.
2) If you are absolutely sure the download has finished, but you still cannot unpack, please contact us at help@subradar.no

I purchased an album, but I can't see it

This might be a problem on our end, or on your end, so lets check the obvious first.

1) Are you logged in?
2) Are you logged in as the correct user?
3) Did the payment go through? Please check your inbox for a receipt from PayPal.

If the answer to these questions is 'yes', please email us: help@subradar.no
Remember to state which album you wanted to buy, and the email address you used when you registered on the site.

How do I reset my password?

1) Click the login-button in the top right corner to access the login page
2) Click 'request new password'
3) Enter the email-address you used when you registered on subradar.no, and click 'email new password'.
4) We will send you an email with a link you can use to reset your password. Click on this link, and follow instructions.

I'm a musician and want to sell my music at Subradar

All the artists on this site is represented through a record label, or our own house label Subron. Unfortunately we do not sell music by unsigned artists at this time.

We do however accept recordings you'd like us to consider for release through Subron. Please email klaus@subradar.no for further information about this, but keep in mind that we have a strict curating policy and will not release music that does not fit within the boundaries of this site. We do like pop music, but at Subron & Subradar.no, the priorities lies elsewhere.

I think my label might add something to your store

If you want to sell music through this store, feel free to email klaus@subradar.no.

Please include a short description of your label, number of artists, genres and fields of interest etc. A link to your website is much appreciated. We'll check out what you have to offer and will be in touch shortly.

Audio formats | Overview

Subradar provides downloads in various audio formats.


FLAC is the format of our choice! Lossless quality encoding ensures full CD quality for all albums sold through our site. On selected albums, you can also choose to download the music in 24bit/96kHz high definition audio. All music is encoded at maximum compression, providing the smallest possible download size without compromizing audio quality. You can play your flac files using the great VLC player, or by using software listed on the official FLAC page.

2) MP3 / M4A
For music listening on-the-go, mp3 players, mobile phones etc.
We also provide full album downloads in AAC (Advanced Audio Codec) format. These files are encoded using FAAC at high quality settings. Supported by most portable audio equipment. All files are 16 bit / 44100 kHz.