WPB3: Nusch Werchowska / Mathias Pontevia / Heddy Boubaker

Somewhere between abstract minimalist contemporary concrete instrumental improvised music flirting with silence and sometimes energic "noisy" free-jazz like style, WPB3 play a music without any compromise and where total freedom is the masterword.

The trio had been constituted for the first time during a concert at the musical meeting festival ZMZ July 2004. The music had taken shape at once.
Mathias Pontevia. Photo : Bruce Milpied, 2004. Followed the publication of the first cd Glotosifres and a tour in Spain, Portugal and France. The disk was rightly welcomed as a radical strangeness in the musical landscape of improvised music. Like a raw and violent beauty, this cd is a testimony of an urgency. The work of the trio goes on, calmed, but its unique sound is still present.

Mathias Pontevia, with a self made horizontal drum set has got a quasi liquid sound ; The piano, literally invested, inhabited from the inside by Nusch Werchowska ; and Heddy Boubaker, « body-saxophoned » with his projections of blows and saturations. Heddy Boubaker. Photo : Jacky - Jazz à Luz, juillet 2008 The music is totally free improvised and in the same time like a fusion of masses and grains, so that it's impossible to detect the sources of the sounds. For a proof, the beautiful records: Décalage vers le Rouge (Le Petit Label, 2008) and A Floating World (Mikroton Recordings, 2011).

Since 2011 Heddy abandoned practice of saxophone for analog modular synth and electric bass changing the sound "color" of the trio but keeping it's originality.