Michel Wintsch: Piano
Benoit Piccand: Live-Electronics

141 BC: Hipparchus of Nicaea, mathematician and astronomer, laid the foundations of trigonometry.

1924 A.D.: In an article entitled "The Music of Tomorrow", Edgar Varese claims a new and simplified art; he urges us to forget the piano. A few decades later, electronic lutherie devices fulfilled his wishes.

2018 A.D.: Michel Wintsch and Benoît Piccand take over in a duo work based on a device that transforms the piano in real time. While the sirens of new technologies sing us an augmented reality, they offer us the listening of an augmented piano. A piano that reveals, in its secret corners, a world of fusion, phonic avalanches, capricious trances, improbable hymns and underground rhythms, from which rise some notes redacted, regurgitated and washed away of any romantic pretensions. Thanks to an alchemy whose recipe is reserved for the protagonists, this instrument so steeped in history, reveals an original texture in a permanent concern for the form that is the hallmark of honest artists.