Wheelhouse was formed in the summer of 2005, when bassist Nate McBride first relocated from Boston, and was looking for some similarly-minded musicians to work with in Chicago. Originally formed with the idea of playing compositions, the band moved away from that tack in 2008, deciding to pursue a free-improvised approach instead. The slow simmer of the band’s development has allowed for an almost telepathic empathy between these players – all notable soloists and leaders on their own, in this context they pursue a more group-oriented sound where a leader emerges and retracts in unpredictable ways. Additionally, the lack of a drummer provides more sonic space and exposes many of the melodic and harmonic interactions that arise in the group, providing a setting that can move from passages that are remarkably austere, to ones that are highly energetic and dense. Their long-overdue first recording, “Boss of the Plains” is now available as one of the first two recordings on Rempis’ own Aerophonic Records imprint.

United States