Vasco Trilla

Born in Barcelona, Vasco started playing drums at the age of nineteen. His first influences were progressive rock and metal, but gradually he developed an interest in a variety of different genres such as jazz, Indian music, African music, klezmer, free improvisation, etc.
Since then he has collaborated, toured and recorded with many different bands and projects such as Boi Akih (an ethno-jazz band from the Netherlands), Planeta Imaginario (progressive jazz-rock) October Equus (avant-rock), The Oddvisers (pop-avant), Fine! (indie pop-rock), Mundo Flotante (ethno-jazz-rock), Kaulakau/Cobla Sant Jordi (an ethno-jazz Catalan orchestra), Filthy Habits Ensemble (a jazz octet playing Zappa’s and Stravinsky’s repertoire), Cows On Trees (a jazz-improv quartet with Susana Santos Silva and Kaja Draksler), Balimonster (an impro-ethno duo with Angel Ontalva), Yedo Gibson-Vasco Trilla duo (an improv sax & drums duo), Outerzone (jazz-core), Reptilian Mambo (mambo free rock), Liba’s Traum, etc.
In the last years he has been playing and experimenting on the free-improv scene, applying extended techniques to the kit and treating it as a textural-melodic instrument. Blowing, bowing, scratching, playing with hands and all kinds of objects, all is valid to expand the vocabulary of this innovative percussionist. He played with improvisers, such as: Lotte Anker, Marshall Allen, Yedo Gibson, Susana Santos Silva, Kaja Draksler, Jasper Stadhouders, Mikloaj Trzaska, Martin Kuchen, Richard Barrett, Jorma Tapio, Christher Bothen, Marc Stucki, Luc Ex. etc…
He has released around 30 CDs in labels such as Cuneiform Records (USA), Altrock Records (Italy), Leo Records (UK) Discordian Records (Barcelona, Spain), Audition Records (Mexico), El Negocito Records (Belgium), Jacc Records (Portugal), Fmr Records (UK).
“Trilla just doesn’t stop moving, from one sound to the next, his economy of motion is almost as impressive as the sounds he makes. At one point, he bends low, blowing through the hole in a cymbal resting on the drum before him – so hard as to lift it momentarily – while simultaneously detuning the drumhead; the resulting vibration fills the room. Vasco Trilla is the clockwork alchemist of percussion”. Dave Foxall”
“For me Vasco Trilla is one of the most interesting ‘sound explorers’ on the drum set”Pette Lockett
He performed more than 100 concerts in 2014 around the world. He played concerts in the following countries: Brazil, Indonesia, Russia, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Netherlands, Serbia, Hungary, Romania, Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Albania, Greece, Croatia, Slovakia, Poland, Austria, and Switzerland.
In 2015 he already toured in Brasil with Swedish double bass player Johannes Nastesjo and Swiss musician Tomas Rohrer. Also he played a lot in the Netherlands with Boi Akih. He will tour in China and Indonesia with them in October-November. He will also take part in an extended Russian tour from Ulan Ude to Vladivostok. In October he will be playing in Russia again with a new project including Russian musicians, Alexey Kruglov and Anastasia Masloboeva.
He is also very active playing around his city, Barcelona.