Udo Schindler / Marco Von Orelli

MARCO VON ORELLI was born and raised in Basel, Switzerland. He completed his musical studies at the University of Music and Theatre Winterthur Zürich (HMT) and the University of Music Basel, where he majored in trumpet and improvisation.
Additional study programmes: Jazz, New Music (Neue Musik) and free improvised music. Furthermore he took study trips to Den Haag (NL) in 1997 and two years later to Vienna (A). Since 1997 Marco von Orelli occupies himself with composition.
He has given Solo concerts (e.g. for the 20-year anniversary of the cultural magazine «Programmzeitung», for the «Global Landmarks Illumination Initiative» in Bern or for Basel’s celebrations for being a part of Switzerland for 500 years in 2001).
Marco von Orelli has enjoyed success on stage with the street scene musical by Kurt Weill under the direction of André Bellmont, Werner Düggelin and Heinz Spoerli, as well as with acts such as the George Gruntz Workshop Big Band or with various orchestras like the basel sinfonietta, the Swiss Improvisers Orchestra, TOMMY MEIER – ROOT DOWN, musique brute or Marco von Orelli 5.
He is playing in different styles and has been seen giving concerts at such established events as the Jazzfestival Willisau (CH), Jazz à Mulhouse – météo (F) or music unlimited 22 in Wels (A).
In 2002 Marco von Orelli toured with the swiss Circus Monti (Music composed by Ben Jeger) and from January 2003 right to the end of 2004 he acted as live musician for the Theatre Puravida in Basel.
Marco von Orelli is also known for his collaborations with artists like Flavia Ghisalberti (Butoh-Dancer), Sheldon Suter, Daniel Ott, Jan Schlegel, Christoph Baumann, Co Streiff, Frances Marie Uitti, Johan van Kreij, Béatrice Götz (miR Company), Peter Schärli, Tommy Meier, Omri Ziegele, Michel Wintsch, Christian Weber, Irène Schweizer, Paul Hubweber, Luìs Lopes, Marc Unternährer, Isa Wiss, Luca Sisera, Travassos, Carles Peris, Alex Huber, Frantz Loriot and many more!
Marco von Orelli is frequently being asked to compose for TV spots, Jingles or for the soundtrack of theatre plays.
On top of that the artist enjoys being in demand as freelance musician just as much as working as Session or as live musician. Accordingly he can be heard on various CD productions and on several soundtracks that have been produced for the theatre, for the television or for the movies.
Recordings e.g. with Root Down Orchestra (the Master and the Rain & Tommy Meier Root Down) Intakt Records, Swiss Improvisers Orchestra (Zwitzerland) Creative Sources Recordings, Musique Brute (poste restante) Unit Records, Marco von Orelli 6 (Close Ties On Hidden Lanes) HAT HUT (hatOLOGY 709) Records Ltd.
In his artistic work Marco von Orelli applies himself mainly to the current aspects of improvisation that are connected with composed music – which itself is correlated with contemporary jazz and New Music.

UDO SCHINDLER was active in the 1970s in Franconia initially as rock and rock jazz musician before he had flute lessons at the conservatory Nuremberg. Subsequently, he studied architecture at the Technical University of Munich and worked in the main job as an architect. In the 1990s he turned to contemporary music (Arch.Ensemble) and improvised music (Schindler.Interferenz.3) to. In addition to the single-reed instruments (saxophones and clarinets), he dealt with the cornet. In addition to his sound research, he also worked as a director, actor, musician and composer for different theatre productions. In the following years he performed with solo and Duoprojekten at festivals of contemporary music (musica viva, Klangaktionen ...), jazz, experimental music on, among other things. This led to collaborations with musicians like Hubert Bergmann, Gerry Hemingway, Eddie Prévost, Sebi Tramontana, Georg Wissel, John Russell, Blaise Siwula, FrankGratkowski, Hans Koch, Urs Leimgruber, Elisabeth Harnik, Katharina Weber and Frank Paul Schubert. In addition to its activities in fixed ensembles, he initiated a series of concerts in Munich, to free improvisation in ad hoc to test instrumentation.

Germany / Switzerland