Trio Generations ( Maggie Nicols, Lisa Ullén & Matilda Rolfsson

Trio Generations

Maggie Nicols (UK)- Voice, tap-dance

Lisa Ullén (SE)- Piano

Matilda Rolfsson (SE/ NO)- Bass drum, percussion

Trio Generations are three free-improvising musicians from three different generations. They first met as a band in London 2016, on initiative of Swedish percussionist Matilda Rolfsson.

Their music can be described as developments of spontaneous, impressionistic and abstract improvisations with elements from free-jazz and vaudeville. Sometimes theatrical and with a sense of despair from the darkest place, but always with evolving playfulness and with a sublime sharpness that creates tension and clarity in the music.

Maggie Nicols, 1948. is one of the most distinguee improvisers today. She is based in Wales and London and has worked with “everyone” in the avantgarde/music-scene since the late 1960´s, well known for her works with players such as John Stevens (the Spontaneous Music Ensemble), Phil Minton, Keith & Julie Tippett, with swiss pianist Irene Scweizer and French bass player Joëlle Léandre (Les Diábolics).

Lisa Ullén, 1964. Is one of Sweden’s most beloved improviser. She constant travels the world and has newly released her triple solo album: "Piano Works" (2017). She can be heard with some of Europe’s finest improvisers: Charlotte Hug, Okkyung Lee, Mariam Wallentin and Nina De Heney.

Matilda Rolfsson, 1987. Currently based in Trondheim, Norway, is a strong voice at the European improv-scene. With her 20" bass drum, she has impressed many of the “well known” critics; Wire Magazine (UK) and Orkester Journalen OJ (SE). She can be seen and heard together with many musicians and dancers from all over Europe.

United Kingdom/Sweden/ Norway