Trevor Watts Celebration Band

With the Celebration Band formed just a year ago (2000), years of open minded engagement at the cutting edge reaches a new creative plateau in a return to "notes on paper" composition. It is Trevor's nature to periodically 'take stock' in this way, and make creative use of those moments when he is his own best company. He says: "I think of it as another strand of what I do - a slightly different way fo going about things than with Moire. Moire is now more a collaborative thing with my long term associate bass guitarist Colin McKenzie, whereas the Celebration Band is more to do with a personal development of my way of composition. The Celebration Band is for me like a canvas for an artist. I'm the type of musical painter who likes to fill the canvas. the backdrop of sound/rhythm is just that," he emphasises, "a backdrop for different events occurring nearer the surface of the picture