Tor Haugerud

Tor Haugerud is a drummer/percussionist and composer living in Trondheim, Norway.
Haugerud has immersed in the art of improvisation, which characterizes his playing in his different groups and constellation. His long term collaborators includes the norwegians Eirik Hegdal and Klaus E. Holm (sax), Michael Duch (bass), Oscar Grönberg (piano) and Ståle Storløkken (synth). He has also toured with Axel Dörner (tp), Andrea Neuman (inside p) and Kim Myhr (git) among others. In addition to this, he is working occasionally in Teater Fot and previously in Cirka Teater as a composer, musician and actor. His first soloalbum, Råsane, is released on the Trondheim based label Particular Recordings Collective.