Tellef Øgrim / Anders Berg

During the winter of 2014 / 2015 the newly formed duo project of Anders Berg (bass/el) and Tellef Øgrim (guitars/el) released three albums of varied lenght, in a frantic urge to express the duo's take on free European jazz anno 2014/15.
With background from jazz, rock, improv and groove oriented styles Berg and Øgrim carve out their own domain from the rich soil of contemporary Scandinavian improvised music.

On November the two musicians strong feelings for both rock and jazz are easy to spot, while freedom of expression on all the four tracks wins over whatever format those genres prescribe.

November was chosen by the Chris Haines, reviewer at to be no. 10 of the 10 best albums of 2014.

- While it has become a musical style of its own, I think improvised music still plays an important role in the fight against the music police and in trying to open the public to new ways of listening to music. But first of all it is a survival strategy for me, says guitarist Tellef Øgrim.

To bassist Anders Berg, music should first of all be fun and free of all requirements.

- Music improvisation presents a great contrast to the structures of daily life. Lets play music, as if it was a game, Berg adds.

Berg and Øgrim have earlier met and played in quartet constellation with Henrik Wartel and Gunnar Backman in den Haag and Gothenburg.

Sweden / Norway