"Understated throughout, the pair fold together softly muted sounds – hissing, breathy escapes of air and their digitally transformed, equally subtle cousins from Dörner, and a masterfully restrained, widely varied palette of soft tones and brief peaking flurries from Sanders. The end result is a slow, naturally fermenting but never boiling-over landscape of beautiful, surprisingly restrained music formed with remarkable understanding." - Richard Pinnell, The Wire
"It’s an album that makes its transcendence and beauty obvious enough, but without revealing anything of why this should be so; faced with only the sounds, we have incomplete information about how it came to be, and therefore, like some mysteriously-veined marble obelisk, must accept it for what it is, towering before us. . . . a realm where causality and sound no longer have the comfortable relationship they’re used to. . . . big and noteworthy and peculiar." - Dan Sorrells, Free Jazz

1. Stonecipher I - 33:17
2. Stonecipher II - 14:09
Axel Dörner - trumpet, electronics
Mark Sanders - drums, percussion