Spill is the Berlin-based duo of MAGDA MAYAS on piano and clavinet and TONY BUCK on drums/percussion, formed in 2003. They have, to date released 3 albums as the duo, ( Gold, Fluoresce, Stockholm Syndrome ) and have collaborated with John Butcher on the UnSounds label release Plume as well as with American bassist Damon Smith on the CD Spill Plus (on the Nuscope label).

Their new recording Stereo will be released soon on Berlin based label Corvo Records.

Tony and Magda have been playing all over Europe, the USA, Australia and Lebanon and, for a three month period in the summer 2016, were together on a artist residence program at Villa Aurora in Los Angeles.
November 2017 sees Tony join Magda for a 10 day period during her residency at Montalvo Arts Center in California, where they have worked on new SPILL recordings.