Simon Rummel Ensemble

Cologne is a historical ground for experimental music, from the most
underground to the most legitimate. To this day the jazz and improvised music scene is still flrishing there.
Simon Rummel is, whithout a doubt, its most bafflng and exciting
actor, the most futile and therefore the most useful, the most absurd,
hence, the most important.
Let’s be serious, at a time when the whole planet trembles at the
thought of a man with such a bad hair-style as Donald Trump becoming president of the US, in those dark times when the zyka mosquito
threatens the real-estate added values linked to the organisation of the
Olympics in Brazil, is it tasteful to write jazz in major and in 3/4 ?
With total impunity, Simmon Rummel did no just create this orchestra
which instrumentation would have probably displeased Hector Berlioz,
he also put the musicians in a situation where it seems anything could
happen - and where lots of things actually do happen – where music
is so light it becomes flghty, taking turns at any moment and revealing
behind the curve a solo of lof electronic vocal, a tango dressed as
a popular ball, a noisy and sophisticated improvisation, a lyrical and
exalted audience, and from time to time, some exquisite courtesy.