Rogelio Sosa

Rogelio Sosa has become one of the most renowned mexican composers and sound artists in the Americas.
Located in between the boundaries of music and art, the work of Rogelio Sosa develops in the fields of experimental music and sound art.

He has a master’s degree in contemporary electronic music at the AteliersUpic and the IRCAM in París and he was trained by the recognized mexican composer Julio Estrada.

Using sound as the main creative platform, his work explores a wide range of aspects that deal with sound morphology, structures of auditory reference, and performativity, questioning at the same time the contemporary notions of “noise” and “music”. His projects include improvisations, sound actions, sound interventions and sound installations that make use of electronic media most of the times.

Generating situations of exceptional hearing through the transformation and transgresion of stable sound entities, as well as the intensification of the acoustic space, his artistic proposal seeks to find new ways to perceive, understand and conceptualize the sound phenomenon.

His art pieces was shown in more than 40 cities of the world.

His work has been published in labels such as: Bocian Records, Mode Records, Important Records, Sub Rosa, Audition Record, Mandorla and Substrata. in Mexico.