Rob Burke, George Lewis, Paul Grabowsky, Mark Helias

This musical collaboration originated with four improvising musicians meeting in a New York recording studio in the Lower East Village – to play – without a pre-composed composition; just belief, expertise and creativity. The cornerstone of the composition is the bringing together of musicians that come from a jazz sensibility but improvising music that is very much music of the 21 century; more specifically the improvising musician and machine. The machine, operated by George Lewis, creates its own ‘voice’ through ‘in the moment’ improvisations that enhance and multiply or as George promulgates ‘shapeshifts’. Improvisations include experimentation, taking positions, trust, choice, agency, creativity, determinacy and indeterminacy. Further, this project is about innovation through the agency of human and mechanical interaction; the understanding of how the musician interacts with the machine is an area of interest that is relevant to twenty-first century as it allows the creation of greater possibilities, greater opportunities and ultimately freedom to express. (Rob Burke)