Natali Abrahamsen Garner & Ina Sagstuen - vocals, electronics
Since its beginning in 2011, Propan has developed a focused and seamless musical interaction in which they research the different roles and possibilities of the voices. Through continuous work the duo has gained authority within their field and have surprised both the audience and critics with their daring approach to music. Open improvisations and compositions create the backbone and starting point for Propan's sound. The voices are deconstructed and rebuilt from detailed sound cells, reemerging as textures, catchy melodies and grooves, both acoustic, and through amplification and effects. Drones, textures, carpets of sound and vocals melt together and become a platform open for the listeners interpretations. This way the duo has established a fresh and exploring sound.
Propan has since its startup been an active live band, establishing itself as a strong and fresh improvising group within the Norwegian improv scene. They have played concerts in Norway at a frequent interval, as well as completing tours in Japan, Scandinavia, Italy, France, Portugal, USA and Australia.