Peter Ablinger

Peter Ablinger (b. 1959) was born in Schwanenstadt, Austria. He studied graphics, plays jazz piano, and studied composition with Gösta Neuwirth and Roman Haubenstock-Ramati. He taught in Berlin from 1982-1990 at the Musikschule Kreuzberg. In 1988 he founded the Ensemble Zwischentöne and in 1993 was visiting professor at the Musikhochschule Graz. He has served as guest conductor of Klangforum Wien and the Ensemble of the Inselmusik. He organized several festivals and concert series in Berlin, where he currently works as a freelance artist.

Peter Ablinger is one of the few artists who works with noise, not in any symbolic way, but rather as it is: noise as a signifier for chaos, for standing up against everything, for being disobedient, for destruction, for everything or for eternity - whatever, as it, in most cases of music deliberately involving noise, is the case. Peter Ablinger spent a lot of time asking questions about the nature of sound and time (and space), usually thought to be main components of music. Some of the answers jeopardized, made dubious some of the conventions usually thought to be irrefutable in music. These insights are about and redundancy, about densitiy and entropy.