Pedro Sousa tenor saxophone
Tiago Sousa keyboards, harmonium, percussion
Travassos tapes, amplified objects, circuit bending, zx 150

Travassos (on electronics, tapes and object manipulation) has been, for the past years, one of the pivotal agitators in the local
improvised music scene, both as a performer and as an organizer, while Tiago Sousa (organ, harmonium) has been steadily
building a fantastic career as a composer and pianist, pushing forth the boundaries between improvisation and composition,
between (non) academic classicism and do-it-yourself expression. Pedro Sousa (tenor sax), in its turn, is hailed as one of the
last few years’ revelations, his fiery blowing in the duo with drummer and percussionist Gabriel Ferrandini standing out
amongst his many collaborations.

The trio’s music is a sound continuum falling somewhere between the intersection of La Monte Young’s brand of eternal
music and the tense interplay and occasional outbursts present in many of European free-improvisation’s landmarks, all the
while permeated by a sense of expansion and peaking, and by the constant addition and subtraction of elements over an
always present layer of silent crudity.