Opsvik & Jennings

A New York-based experimental chamber-pop twosome formed in 2003.
Jennings, from Tulsa, Oklahoma, focuses his energy mainly on song-writing and unusual guitar and banjo parts for the band. Opsvik, who grew up in Oslo, Norway, has made a name for himself primarily as a bassist in NYC, but also as a composer, record producer, and general multi-instrumentalist. Perhaps, in part, their unique sound is a result of their very different backgrounds and inspirations - Jennings has a quirky melodic sensibility stemming from his interest in a wide range of old and new pop music, while Opsvik is heavily involved in the improvised music scene and finds inspiration in his classical training. But they feed off each other in creative ways and use these differences to their advantage.
While most of their working time is spent exploring in the studio, they can infrequently be heard doing intimate performances around New York City; and the occasional summer show overseas.