Nørstebø/Strid/de Heney

Norwegian trombonist Henrik Munkeby Nørstebø has over the last few years shared stage with a wide range of influential improvisers. One of his returning projects has been the trio with Swedish drummer Raymond Strid and Swiss double bassist Nina de Heney.
The trio was first put together for Henrik’s exam concert at the Academy of music in Gothenburg, may 2011.
One of the strongest attributes of the trio is their common understanding for the use of tension and release. The music moves forward constantly, but is never forced. They can sojourn in a sort of zero state for a long time where the music only varies with small nuances, before they suddenly break out in small and big musical explosions when one of the musicians provides a hint towards this. In the same way as they can follow each other with a wink, they sometimes also choose to withstand an impulse or let an energy flow remain unredeemed to create a different tension.