Mark Hanslip / Emil Karlsen

Mark Hanslip started out on the London jazz and improvised music scene, co-founding the
Loop Collective, co-leading the influential group Outhouse, Outhouse Ruhabi and later
Twelves, and working as a sideperson with Alcyona Mick, Hans Koller, Jonathan Bratoeff and
Nostalgia 77. Now based in the north of England, he plays regularly with Jonnhy Hunter’s
quartet (and his strings project Pale Blue Dot), co-leads organ trio The Revival Room, and
plays in the trio HRH with laptopist Federico Reuben and drummer Paul Hession, which has
recently also collaborated with bassist Dominic Lash and downtown NY legend Elliot Sharp.
He has also toured with NY trumpeter Nate Wooley. He is engaged in doctoral research into
applications of machine learning to live improvisation.

Emil Karlsen, originally from Norway, is a young drummer/improviser currently based in
Leeds, UK. He is active on the UK improvised music scene currently establishing
himself as a new, original voice. In 2019 he released his solo record “Flux” followed by a 7
date UK tour. His work is based around exploring textures, dynamics and timbre, both with and without electronics. This mentality is also brought into other projects forming his unique expression. He is seen across the UK with various large and small ensembles ranging from being a solo performer to percussionist in the London Improvisers Orchestra. Apart from being a busy performer, he also runs the label noumenon – a label for improvised music with a scandinavian presence.