Maria Dybbroe – alto saxophone
Valdemar Kragelund – electronics
Kristian Saarup – drums

Three musical siblings from the Copenhagen underground scene form KØS and create music with a love for expressivity, pathos, fragility, and rawness. Playing as a group since 2014 in an electro-acoustic universe, they draw on backgrounds in free improvisation, jazz and hip hop and mix this with inspirations from classical music, ambient music and noise.
KØS presents a musical universe with long stretched developments, beautiful melodies and repetitive rhythmical structures, broad soundscapes and big dynamic changes. The musical journey is what thrills – and presence, attentiveness and statements are what matter.
Their EP ‘KØS’ was released in 2017 and in 2020 they released their first full-length vinyl ‘An Uncaught Bird’ on the label Forlaget Kornmod.

Copenhagen / Denmark