Juhani Silvola

Juhani Silvola is a composer, musician and producer working across multiple genres and disciplines.

On his latest album Post-Biological Wildlife, he draws from the rich history of electronic and experimental music, fusing influences from, amongst others, French electro-acoustic composers, Japanese harsh-noise, Finnish minimal techno and C20th chamber music into a distinct voice.

Juhani’s music often explores themes circling post-humanism, nature and virtual reality, asking questions about the role of humanity in the near future, and painting varied scenarios without exclusively condemning or glorifying the techno-futuristic vision.

Silvola has worked with music ranging from acoustic folk to free improv, doom to sound art, and is a sought-after performer on acoustic and electric guitar, with several high-profile albums to his name. He currently plays with Sarah-Jane Summers, Frode Haltli, The SISKIN Quartet, Sjøvaag & Silvola and Kelda Kvartett. He has worked with, among others, Sam Lee, Adjagas, Splashgirl, Erlend Viken Trio, Earlybird Stringband, Sacred Harp, Jessica Sligter, Erlend Apneseth, Sigrid Moldestad and Unni Løvlid, and has participated in performance- and installation-art projects with Jenny Hval/Jessica Sligter, Hege Pålsrud and Koan.

He has previously released two critically acclaimed solo-albums (the improvised acoustic solo guitar album Imaginary Archives, and the experimental & cinematic drone-rock album Strange Flowers), two highly successful and forward-thinking folk-music albums with the duo Sarah-Jane Summers & Juhani Silvola, and produced and mixed albums for bands such as Highasakite.

Juhani has a master’s degree from the Norwegian Academy of Music, where he studied electroacoustic composition with the world-renowned composer Natasha Barrett.

Norway - Finland