Jon Lloyd Sextet

Jon Lloyd - Alto & Soprano Saxophones
Marc Stutz-Boukouya - Trombone
Aliks Kolkpowski - Violin
Stan Adler - Cello
John Edwards - Bass
Mark Sanders - Percussion

“My interest as a musician has always been in the music made by creative improvising musicians working together. In the 1990s most of my work as a saxophonist and composer tried to explore what happens when you contain the freedom of creative musicians within different organisational frameworks. I like spontaneous improvisation when it works, but I wanted to learn to handle structure, because some structure seemed to be important. What could be achieved with varying amounts of written material to adhere to, improvise upon or even ignore altogether? For me this became the key to unlocking all the interesting stuff! Although some of my subsequent music turned out to be quite abstract, most groups I assembled (or played with) possessed an energy, a harmonic and rhythmic content and a musical philosophy which would probably best be described as free jazz. Since then, though, my musical interests have broadened to incorporate a lot of other influences, jazz and otherwise! As a musician you need to keep moving forward. “