Infinite Spirit

Bob Gluck (piano/electronics) Billy Hart (drums) Eddie Henderson (trumpet) Christopher Dean Sullivan (bass)

If the search for joy and empathy is the wellspring of profound musical encounter, Infinite Spirit is a quartet that offers bountiful food for thought and inspiration. In their forthcoming first recording, pianist Bob Gluck and bassist Christopher Dean Sullivan partner with two longtime musical associates and jazz masters, drummer Billy Hart and trumpeter Eddie Henderson. As a foursome, they revisit the repertoire and exploratory musical spirit of the ensemble that brought Hart and Henderson into the public eye, Herbie Hancockʼs seminal sextet, known as the Mwandishi band. The shared musical vocabulary and searching spirit of Infinite Spirit inspires a plenitude of sonic colors and textures, robust grooves, melodic lyricism, and collective musical intuition. This fruits of this “revisit” will be enjoyed by a wide variety of listeners: lovers of jazz of all flavors, and those who appreciate a beat that is simultaneously complex and in a groove. It will be of particular interest to lovers of the Mwandishi spirit, that musically adventuresome combination of offbeat funk, abstraction, electronic timbres, and deeply empathetic ensemble playing.