Ilia Belorukov / Kurt Liedwart

Ilia Belorukov and Kurt Liedwart duo is an open collaborative project started in 2009. They started with simple means: microtones, preparations and sinewaves, gradually and drastically changing their playing manner. The only thing remained unchanged: they still thoughtfully structure the sound material on macro- and microlevels. They included the work with space, computer and electronics generated noises, in situ field recordings, psychoacoustics and sound perception in time as well as silence.

Ilia and Kurt organize Teni Zvuka Festival where they collaborated with Radu Malfatti, Keith Rowe and Norbert Möslang. 2013 became a very productive year for them. They released “Obwod” on Copy For Your Records and “Vtoroi” on Mikroton Recordings. The same year Ilia and Kurt invited Keith Rowe to collaborate with them and during his stay in Russia they played concerts and made studio recordings. In 2014 Intonema released their trio album “Tri” and Mikroton Recordings put out their quartet album “Contour” which features also Alfredo Costa Monteiro.