ICH BIN N!NTENDO is a purely improvised trio with drums, bass and guitar.
Founded in 2010 the three members continue to push their own and the listeners
boundaries with their music. Since the start the aim has been to investigate different
layers of musical expressions such as noise, punk and grindcore, and apply them in
formless structures and improvised compositions.

“Fukushima power blasts of extremely noisy terror are served with queasy guitar
lines played in half and quarter time (which share more kinship with Cpt. Beefheart or
Pussy Galore than Napalm Death) and the Godless noise of Skullflower and
Whitehouse. It ends, as all good things do, with polite applause and a fat man
screaming in ecstasy."
-­John Doran, by:Larm News, Febuary 15th, 2013