Frode Gjerstad trio

• Paal Nilssen-Love, drums
• Jon Rune Strøm, bass
• Frode Gjerstad, clarinets, alto sax

After two decades of trios with various international musicians, this is Frode Gjerstads first all-Norwegian trio. And it is a significant move towards a Nordic improvised sound. In the past, he has played in trios with Hamid Drake, William Parker, John Stevens, Johnny Dyani, Kent Carter, Wilber Morris and Rashid Bakr.

This trio has made 6 recordings so far: “Last First” on the US label, Falcata-Galica. A studio-recording from November -99 when the group was quite fresh. Then came a live recording from September 2000 in Oslo, “The Blessing Light” on Cadence Jazz Records. This CD is dedicated to the late British drummer, John Stevens. “Sharp knives cut deeper” with Peter Brøtzmann on the Italian label Splash came in-03, “St.Louis” is a live recording from our 2002 US tour that came out on FMR in -04 and in 2005 we recorded “mothers & fathers”. In 2007 we recorded “Nothing is forever” at a concert in Oslo.

The trio has so far toured and/or played festivals in Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Austria, Poland, Slovenia,Kroatia, Italy, USA and Canada.

Ben Watson, Hi-Fi News:
This trio has a freshness which the big names in London and New York find it hard to muster these days.

Glenn Astarita, All about Jazz:
This band often performs with a distinct sense of spiritualism to coincide with an abundance of hearty soloing and curiously interesting three-way dialogue.