Flin van Hemmen

Drummer and composer Flin van Hemmen was born in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. Since moving to New York City in 2008 he’s been active in the downtown and improvised music scenes. His current projects include LathanFlinAli (w/ saxophonist Lathan Hardy and bassist Sean Ali), the Flin van Hemmen Trio (w/ guitarist Todd Neufeld and bassist Eivind Opsvik), the Costa/vanHemmen duo (w/ drummer Carlo Costa), Narcissus (w/ pianist Jozef Dumoulin, saxophonist Robin Verheyen and bassist Clemens van der Feen), While We Still Have Bodies (w/ saxophonist Michael Foster, trombonist Ben Gerstein and bassist Sean Ali), Gestures (w/ pianist and poet Eliot Cardinaux), and a solo drums project.