Improvisation, truth, joy, jazz and doubt. These are but a few of the elements that frequently emerge in the universe of Filosofer. Using the Norwegian version of a term used for people who spend most of their time pondering, one is lead to belive that their music is rooted in complex concepts and theoretic academia. So it is not. Filosofer focuses more on guts and feel rather than analyzing and thinking. Their basis for comprehension of the material- as well as meta-physical world, lies not within the realm of the intellect, but in the realm of sound.

The music unites an unorthodox string quartet consisting of two violins and two double basses with fresh input from computers, turntables, synthesizers and samplers. In what way are five jazz musicians the same as a string quartet and a DJ? “Filosofer” put their heads together and through the mercy of the moment they contemplate the riddle. It all collides in an improvisational play which holds powerful sounds, tender emotions and surreal musical narration.

Håkon Aase - violin
Adrian Løseth Waade - violin
Erlend Albertsen - double bass
Christian Meaas svendsen - double bass
Bendik Baksaas - computer, sampler, synth