Fenêtre Ovale

Karl Naegelen and the Risser/Rühl duo share a common interest in the quest for new sounds and sound illusions. Creating a confusion of sources, suggesting various acoustic spaces, evoking the sound of a sewing machine or a hard shoulder, making a rubbing sound sound like breath and making breath sound like creaking, this is the type of urge that stimulated collective research. The grand piano had to become a wind instrument and the clarinet a water instrument ; the pianist had to play percussions on a flute and the clarinet player had to play pan flute with a Laotian mouth organ; we had to test bowls with various diameters and velvet squares with various thicknesses, favour half empty batteries for the vibrator, unroll a copper reel from an electric motor to obtain a wire with the appropriate thickness. From inventions to discoveries, from surprises to disillusions, this project is also linked with the absurd, thrilling, and alchemical quest for new tones.