Erlend Olderskog Albertsen

My name is Erlend Olderskog Albertsen and I am a doublebass player, composer and saxophone player from Stjørdal, in the middle of Norway. I now living in Oslo and playing in bands as Akmee, Filosofer, Sanskriti Shrestha Avatar, Ivan Blomqvist 3 as well as my own project "rødssalG nEEn Glassdør".

What is your ideal version of life, if you would let your intuiton guide you, how would your world look like? Such questions Im investigating through my music. I hope to inspire others to pursue their own visions of life, not being limited by unecessary definitions. In physics it seems that we are now discovering the minds effect on matter, a discovery that can lead to the conclusion "you become what you think" or "you become what you feel"