El Infierno Musical

In Christof Kurzmann’s world, popular music and experimental improvisation coexist naturally. Schnee, for instance, is an electronic and improvisational duo with Burkhard Stangl, as is his collaboration with the clarinet player and composer Kai Fagaschinski, Kommando Raumschiff Zitrone. Other projects like The Year Of with Bernhard Fleischmann show that Kurzmann can write wonderful pop songs.

«El Infierno Musical», Kurzmann’s homage to the Argentine poet Alejandra Pizarnik (1936–1972), brings together top musicians from different fields: Martin Brandlmayr (percussion), Ken Vandermark (saxophone/bass clarinet), Clayton Thomas (double bass), and Eva Reiter (viola da gamba, contrabass recorder, Dan Bao). Christof Kurzmann himself contributes vocals, saxophone, and computer sounds.

In this country the œuvre of the poet of Russian descent seems to be one of literature’s best kept secrets. Her poems are infused with melancholy and boundless love of life, revolve around themes such as being an outsider, to have suffered loss, or been close to death – atmospheres and moods Christof Kurzmann attempted to capture in the music. «Standard» critic Andreas Felber wrote about this haunting live experience: «El Infierno Musical is one of Kurzmann’s best projects ever.»

Austria / USA / Australia