Dependent Origination

"In 2013, when clarinetist-saxophonist Peter Kuhn decided to officially return to the music scene after 27 years away from it with a concert event in San Diego, he assembled an ensemble of old and new friends and dubbed it Dependent Origination. This was a direct reference to the Buddhist concept of manifestation also known as interdependent co-arising and a sign that Kuhn was integrating all aspects of his life in this new music, emphasizing the importance of the supportive collective energy of his special musical friends. Among those he recruited for the event were longtime colleague and loyal friend baritone saxophonist Dave Sewelson, who to flew in from New York, and his Dharma brother, the highly regarded drummer-percussionist Alex Cline, who drove up from Los Angeles. Dave was instrumental to Kuhn's return to music with encouragement and the gift of a bass clarinet, as was Alex Cline, ordained with Kuhn in the Plum Village Zen Tradition of Thich Nhat Hanh and friend since high school.

The band known as Dependent Origination has included a number of notable participants over the years, including Hugh Ragin and Wayne Horvitz. But Kuhn, Cline and Sewelson have remained at the core, providing a stable nucleus that is grounded in a shared vision for musical liberation and ever deepening brotherhood. In recent years the group has essentially stabilized with the addition of cornetist Dan Clucas and bassist Scott Walton, both veteran artists of exceptional ability, versatility, and sensitivity perfectly attuned to the group's collaborative musical identity. This quintet lineup has had the opportunity to play and tour together on the West Coast of the United States and has further developed its remarkable chemistry and rapport.”