As Deafness Increases

As deafness increases plays music in the gray area between composition and improvisation. Clear structural frameworks functions as a starting point for creating music where slow haunting soundscapes are alternated with rapid movements and semi-melodic passages. Through the use of flexible instrumental roles and extended techniques, the trio strives to create a sound that grows beyond it’s components.

Inga, Rudolf and Henrik met in the Czech Republic summer 2010 as a part of the “Önczkekvist improvising orchestra”, and recorded a cd with the orchestra at ORF RadioKultuhaus in Vienna the same year. The three are active musicians on the national- and international music scene, both as solo performers and in ensembles/bands like Vilda&Inga, Skadedyr, Lana Trio, Aksiom and Ensemble Allegria.

As Deafness Increases is:
Henrik Munkeby Nørstebø: Trombone
Inga Margrethe Aas: Double Bass
Rudolf Terland Bjørnerem: Electro-acoustic Guitar