David Stackenäs & Klaus Ellerhusen Holm

Klaus Ellerhusen Holm (b.1979, from Oslo, living in Trondheim) – alto saxophone and Bb clarinet
David Stackenäs (f. 1974, from and living in Stockholm) – acoustic guitar and preparations
David and Klaus has been working together as a duo since 2013, when they played for the first time at the Kontak festival, curated by New Music Tromsø. Since then they have been playing together on a regular basis also including other groups like Ballrogg and Stackenäs commission piece for eight improvising musicians for the Rank Festival in 2015. Both Stackenäs and Holm have collaborated with musicians that might be described as the crème de la crème of the international improvised music and creative jazz scene.

Through many years of playing together they have developed an intuitive and personal musical dialect drawing inspiration from both folk, improvisation and contemporary-composed music. The music is presented in a straight forward manner with lots of energy. November 26th 2018 they will release their first album “Daytons Bluff” (VL/CD/DL) on Particula Recordings based in Trondheim.