David Stackenäs

Born in 1974 David Stackenäs started playing guitar at the age of 10. After completing his music studies at the Royal Collage of Music in Stockholm in 1998 he began working freelance in the thriving free improvised music and jazz scene in Sweden. With his acoustic sound and his percussive energy Stackenäs clearly is Sweden's most creative and original guitar player today. He performs and records in the ensembles ANIMES (with percussionist Raymond Strid and bassist Johan Berthling), TRI-DIM (with reedist Hökon Kornstad and percussionist Ingar Zach), and in duos with reedists Martin Küchen and Mats Gustafsson. In 1999 and 2001 he toured with Mats Gustafsson's NU-ensemble (with Günther Christmann, Carlos Zingaro, among others) and in October 2000 he did a week of concerts in Ystad, Sweden with the members of Sonic Youth, Loren Mazzacane Connors and Jim O'Rourke.