Dane TS Hawk and his cop jazz festsemble

In the spring of 2012 the Copenhagen Jazz Festival proposed that I formed a pop-up ensemble which would perform unannounced here, there and nearly everywhere in the streets, squares and parks of Copenhagen during the Jazz Festival – and that’s what we did.

I already had the idea of a futuristic New Orleans ensemble with solely horns (airophones) and drums (membranophones) so I asked 12 of my favourite far sighted and explosive fellow players and everyone from seasoned veterans to the latest shoots on the hybrid family tree answered: Go.

I composed a brand new bag of material consisting of funky swingers, hymns, rhumbas and ballads with a lot of open zones to improvise in. We met up, practised and wham bam, my new astrocoustic organism: Dane TS Hawk & His Cop Jazz Festsemble took off playing 15 concerts.

After the festival I received around six hours of recordings that my longtime sonic whizz Troels Bech turned into this album: "Hear We Go".

It includes extracts from performances at Niels Hemmingsens Gade, Sønder Boulevard, Ophelia Beach and the grounds of Carlsberg. We also performed outside The National Gallery of Denmark at the opening of the festival, The Royal Danish Theatre just before Wayne Shorter, Vandkunsten, Kongens Have, Gråbrødre Torv, Østerfælled Torv, Sankt Hans Torv, Visit Carlsberg, Islands Brygge and Blågårdsgade.

All in the spirit of my motto: "Something other than what is, that which is not like everything else" it was a blast.

In the hope that you also can feel the ferociously festive vibes: Enjoy.

TS Høeg, Vesterhood, 2013.

Line up:
TS Høeg, Alto sax, Composer, Conductor
Morten Carlsen, Taragot
Jakob Dinesen, Tenor sax
Jeppe Skjold, Tenor sax
Christian Kyhl, Baritone sax
Johs Lund, Baritone sax
Kasper Tranberg, Trumpet
Mads Hyhne, Trombone
Maria Bertel, Trombone
Jakob Munck, Tuba
Kristian Tangvik, Tuba
Peter Bruun, Drums
Jaleh Negari, Drums

Koh Mr. Sax, Alto sax
Jakob Mygind, Soprano sax
Eivind Lønning, Trumpet
Gunnar Halle, Trumpet
Jimmy Nyborg, Trumpet
Rasmus Lund, Tuba