Christian Wallumrød Ensemble

Christian Wallumrød Ensemble recorded five well-received albums for the ECM label, from 2001 to 2012. Although this new, cut-down Ensemble is reduced to five members, the players’ doubling and tripling of instruments and their variety of sound-making approaches (blowing,sucking, hitting, scraping, whatever…) make it a kind of highly portable mini-orchestra, whose acoustic effects can mimic electronic processing with uncanny accuracy. And as anyone who has seen the Ensemble in performance will know, it really is a group, with the empathetic contributions of the individual members making them far more than mere interpreters of a pre-existing text. Indeed, the Ensemble itself is the text, each player combining to join the dots of the very faint line separating composition and improvisation. Eivind Lønning plays trumpet; Espen Reinertsen, saxophone; Tove Törngren, cello and the virtuoso percussionist Per Oddvar Johansen, drums and vibraphone. Christian Wallumrød plays piano and harmonium.