-Mike Majkowski (MM) and Jim Denley (JD) formed b l i p in 2008.

-They've been members of the Splinter Orchestra (splitrec 17) since 2002, when MM was 19 and JD 45 - a difference of 26 years.

-JD is 55 and MM 29 - still a difference of 26 years.

-c a l i b r a t e d was recorded one afternoon in Narrabeen, Sydney, 24th August 2010 from 2pm –4pm.

-They used 4 microphones.

-There are 3 tracks on the CD 1. p o d – 8.38 2. o a t - 6.33 3. b r a n e s – 26.25. The total length is 41.52.

-This is the order MM + JD recorded them in – only 3 edits went on afterwards.

-It was MM + JD s' 6th attempt to make a CD. In the words of Samuel Beckett “Try again,Fail again. Fail better.”

-Paradoxically, they regard the work as being both composed and improvised.

-MM uses double bass, pitch pipes and objects.

-JD uses alto sax, bass flute, dismantled bass flute, prepared flute, Czech school flute,bamboo flute and balloons (although sometimes it's just easier to say wind instruments)