Big Bold Back Bone

Big Bold Back Bone’s newest release - the third recording (Wide Ear Records - WER028) is titled "Emerge" and is the musical twin of the recently released CD / LP "In Search Of The Emerging Species" (Shhpuma Records - SHH032).
The recording was made during the same studio session in Lisbon. In contrast to the slow, almost eerily concentrated sound stream epic with the 42-minute piece "Immerge" on "In Search Of The Emerging Species", "Emerge" looks like an antiepos. Seven pieces between 3 - 8 minutes covers the disc. Self-contained improvisations presented in an aesthetically impressive Big Bold Back Bone language.
A consequence of the fact that the musicians of the band Marco von Orelli, Luis Lopes, Travassos and Sheldon Suter, worked together for almost 10 years and maintain a continuous exchange.
In contrast to the twin, this music seems less radical, but more catchy, but without losing any sense of urgency, as if Big Bold Back Bond Bones deliberately left seven fork-paths on "Immerge" unheeded, in search of ... in "Emerge" to investigate in a fascinating way!

Marco von Orelli - Trumpet, Slide Trumpet
Luis Lopes - Electric Guitar and Objects
Travassos - Electronics
Sheldon Suter - Prepared Drums